Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review: The World’s Best Smartwatch

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Since the Apple Watch Ultra was introduced in September 2022, it has become my go-to wearable. I was intrigued after experiencing its 36-hour battery life, large, bright screen, and incredibly handy Action Button. So, when Apple unveiled the Ultra 2 barely one year after the original’s release, I wondered if there were enough upgrades to merit an upgrade.

For existing Ultra users, the short answer is no, but there are some new features worth noting: a faster CPU; Double Tap Gesture for greater accessibility; increased altitude and depth sensing; and watersports tracking for scuba and freediving.

If you’ve been eyeing the original but wanted something more, the Ultra 2 is a no-brainer—it’s now the finest fitness tracker Apple sells, as well as one of the best smartwatches. If the additional features are important to you, you may wish to trade in your Ultra 1. Finally, the Ultra 2 remains a specialized wristwatch; most people will be better served by the Apple Watch Series 9, which shares the same CPU and Double Tap Gesture.


The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is now available. In comparison to the Apple Watch Series 9, your purchasing process is very simple: whereas the Apple Watch Series 9 comes with a plethora of options (which color? What size? What band? GPS or Cellular? There is simply one Apple Watch Ultra 2 to pick from.


You receive one size, 49mm, and one color: normal Titanium, despite reports of a black or midnight edition. It includes LTE cellular connectivity as standard. The only relevant decision you need to make when purchasing it is which band it comes with, which we’ll go over in greater detail in the Design section below.

If the $799 / £799 / AU$1,399 price tag for the Watch Ultra 2 is too much for you, or if you don’t require the extra adventure-focused capabilities, you may always look into the Apple Watch 9 range. It is priced similarly to the original Ultra, therefore there is no significant value depreciation.

It’s a costly device, but with its premium titanium body, LTE connectivity, and advanced capabilities not found elsewhere in the Ultra series, it’s not bad value, costing around the same, if not less, than many premium Garmin devices geared for similar activities.



At first glance, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 appears to be nearly identical to its predecessor, as did the Series 9. Both have the same solid titanium body, a projecting shell that houses the digital crown and side button, and the now-iconic orange action button. Also, the microphone and speaker location are identical to the original.

The screen and the bands are the two most important differences to notice. To begin with, the screen is even more gorgeous than the previous generation, with a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits. It’s Apple’s brightest screen ever, the refresh rate is like water off a duck’s back, and it’s unquestionably Apple at its best. In terms of technology, it’s probably the greatest smartwatch screen I’ve ever seen in person.

This world-beating screen comes to life with a new customisable Ultra-exclusive watch face that cleverly displays the seconds ticking away around the screen. Meanwhile, your favorite complexities, such as movement rings, a weather widget, temperature, and a compass setting, can be combined and shown on the watch face.

This world-beating screen comes to life with a new customisable Ultra-exclusive watch face that cleverly displays the seconds ticking away around the screen. Meanwhile, your favorite complexities, such as movement rings, a weather widget, temperature, and a compass setting, can be combined and shown on the watch face.

However, that’s about all we can say from a software design standpoint, as the majority of the advancements featured here are part of watchOS 10, which is also available on previous Apple Watches. It’s unfortunate that there’s nothing new or distinctive about what you can do with watchOS 10 and the Ultra 2’s Action button: it’s still programmable and can be mapped to a variety of actions, but there’s no exciting new feature this time around.

The bands are inspired by the same ecologically friendly ethos that has dominated this year’s Apple launches. The Ultra 2, like the original, includes three straps: Alpine with a g-hook fastening, nylon Trail strap, and a flouroelastomer Ocean band for diving.

I got to try out the Trail strap, and the design has been slightly altered, with a more rounded, cleaner end. The nylon band, like the Series 9’s sport loops, now contains recycled wool. The Alpine and Trail bands are embossed with a circle of green leaves on the box, indicating that they are part of Apple’s carbon-neutral program, which will also be made apparent online. The watch’s titanium case is also 95% recycled titanium, which is an outstanding figure.

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deviceApple Watch Ultra 2
Water resistant100m (swimproof)
DimensionsHeight: 49 mm.
Width: 44mm
Case depth: 14.4mm.
Weight: 61.4 grams.
Case Design Aerospace-grade titanium
Dual speakers
OLED DisplayRetina LTPO OLED display
brightness reaches 3,000 nits.
Battery life36 hours of normal use
72 hours while in Low Power Mode
ChipS9 SiP
cost$799 (USD) / £799 (GBP) / AU$1,399 (AUD)
In the Box Apple Watch Ultra 2
Fast Charger with USB-C Cable


The most major hardware improvement is the new S9 chipset, which debuted on the Ultra 2 and Series 9. Apple claims the new processor is as much as 30% faster than last year’s S8.

When I compared the Ultra 2 to the Ultra 1, the difference was minimal, but I did notice how swiftly it responded to swipes and screen push. This includes texting, accessing apps, viewing fitness information, and navigating the interface.

Is it enough of a performance increase to justify upgrading from the original Ultra? Not yet. The Ultra 2 will have an edge in the long run, especially as the operating system and apps become more power-hungry, but Ultra 1 owners can skip this one.

The S9 also powers the helpful new Double Tap Gesture (also available on the Series 9). This gesture control enables users to interact with an app’s core button, such as answering a phone call or snoozing an alarm, by pressing their thumb and index finger twice.

This is a useful feature for Apple Watch customers who may have a disability or are unable to engage with the wearable using another hand. The gesture requires some practice in terms of sensitivity, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really simple for you to use.

The S9 also power the new on-device Siri digital assistant, which debuted on the Ultra 2 and Series 9. This enables the watch to process Siri commands even without an internet connection. For example, I frequently utilized this to begin a workout or to ask Siri how much sleep I had the night before. Each worked promptly and provided a another method to operate the watch hands-free. This is in public beta, but it should become widely available around the beginning of 2024.



The Ultra 2, like the original Ultra, is the greatest fitness tracker in Apple’s lineup. It has precise and fast GPS, tracking capabilities for a variety of activities, and a durable, tough build. Watersports tracking is new and specific to the Ultra 2. Examples include freediving, scuba diving, and wakeboarding.

It also features the brightest screen among Apple Watches, with a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits. That’s 50% brighter than the first version Ultra.

The difference was minor indoors, but outside in bright sunlight, the Ultra 2’s screen was easier to read. Furthermore, it appears more colorful overall. I loved this during a workout because the brighter screen made it easier to view fitness statistics such as my current walking pace or mileage.

The Ultra 2 is also a great health tracker. It includes heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, detailed sleep tracking, and sound exposure alarms. These things work the same on the Ultra 2 as they did on the previous Ultra and Series lines.


The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has the longest battery life of any Apple Watch. Even with a brighter display, the watch has a battery life of 36 hours under usual use. With low power mode, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 provides up to 72 hours of battery life, up from 60 hours on the original. Apple’s estimations are consistent with my experience, and I enjoy how this Apple Watch adjustment can extend your battery life.


When compared to comparable sports watches, the Apple Watch Ultra’s battery life falls short. Our best option, the Garmin Forerunner 265, lasts 15 days with mixed use, whilst the Coros Vertix 2 lasts 120 hours in the demanding GPS mode. Athletes who are primarily concerned with battery life are unlikely to be wowed by the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

How do I find out what size my band is?

Apple Watch bands are available in a range of designs and sizes.

Can I send back my Apple Watch?

Yes. If you change your mind and don’t want to keep your Apple Watch.