Mercedes Vision One Eleven : Iconic Design Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the Vision One-Eleven concept, which the car manufacturer describes as a “progressive interpretation of a ’70s brand icon”.

The new two-seat hypercar, which has a striking monolithic exterior design, gullwing doors, and a flashy interior with silver upholstery, was designed as a unique tribute to the firm’s experimental C111, of which 16 examples were produced over two decades for various tests and development programmes in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Mercedes has designed a variety of One-Eleven accessories to promote the new concept, including a weekend bag, sunglasses, jacket, cap, and smartphone case, all sporting the ‘Limited Edition 1 of 111’ lettering.

Mercedes Vision One-Eleven : powertrain

The Mercedes Vision One-Eleven is powered by two rear-mounted axial-flux electrical motors from British manufacturer Yasa, as well as a battery with liquid-cooled cylindrical cells and innovative cell chemistry developed for Mercedes-AMG’s Formula One division in the United Kingdom. The design also hints at the EV drivetrain upgrades that Mercedes has planned for its next electric sports vehicles.

Mercedes Vision One-Eleven powertrain

The German manufacturer has yet to provide power or range estimates for its current design-led idea, However, it claims that its creative drivetrain has “the potential to take electric transportation to a new level of performance and efficiency”.

Mercedes and Yasa are developing axial-flux motors for large-scale production; in addition to having higher power and torque density than conventional radial-flux motors, their narrow shape provides significant packaging advantages.

Yasa claims that their axial-flux motor weighs only one-third that of Mercedes’ existing EQ EVs, which employ radial-flux motors. Yasa, headquartered in Oxford, has been a 100% subsidiary of Mercedes since 2021.

Mercedes Vision One Eleven : Iconic Design

Mercedes Vision One Eleven Iconic Design

The Mercedes One-Eleven’s style incorporates clean-surfaced body shapes and a flush-fitting glass canopy, as well as a number of advanced aerodynamic functions and accents inspired by the C111. A low-set front end resembles the previous C111 prototypes, with a bluff nose section featuring a pixelated grille and circular headlamps, accented by a massive carbon-fibre splitter.

The One-Eleven’s overt focus on aerodynamic efficiency has resulted in three air vents just behind the headlamps. Along with this, there are twin air vents and a 70-degree raked windshield that extends to form the front half of the roof.

Meanwhile, large carbon-fibre sills integrated into the wheelbase work with wind-cheating ‘blade’ components and vents under the doors to direct cool air to the rear motors.

Mercedes Vision One Eleven Iconic Design

The smooth surfacing of the car’s body is paired with aggressively rounded features, including heavily swollen wheel arches that house 275/35 R22 and 315/30 R22 wheels at the front and rear. The notable curving side panels, which are integrated into the long gullwing doors, rise high, allowing convenient access to the interior.

The back of the One-Eleven is dominated by a huge spoiler that reaches out to increase downforce. A pixelated part replicates the appearance from the front, and there is an elaborate diffuser lower down.

Mercedes Vision One Eleven : Gullwing Doors and An Aerodynamic Design

The Mercedes Vision One-Eleven has flush-fit gullwing doors and pixelated patterning side windows, which give it a mysterious appearance. The large-diameter wheels are effortlessly blended into the voluminous flared wings, emphasizing the car’s sportiness and aerodynamic elegance.The wheel design, inspired by electric motor windings, highlights the Vision One-Eleven’s advanced all-electric powertrain technology. The juxtaposition of dramatic features against a simple surface design adds curiosity and captures the essence of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Mercedes Vision One Eleven Gullwing Doors

The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven is distinguished by its low-slung front and rear skirts painted in glossy black. These deeply scooped aerodynamic features, visibly joined by blade profiles, form a forceful and seamless transition between the vehicle and the ground underneath it. The dark “keel line” reinforces this perception, making an indelible imprint on the observer. Designed by the C 111’s black bottom shell, this design feature distinguishes the Vision One-Eleven and exudes an unrivaled sense of connection with the road.

Mercedes Vision One Eleven : Spacious Interior

Although the One-Eleven’s appearance screams powerful supercar, the cabin can be converted into a lounge, which is a recurrent motif among futuristic electric concepts. The cabin is spacious despite the low-slung body, with plenty of room for the seats to recline backward because there is no engine behind the driver. In the “race” mode, the seat backs lift to an upright posture.

Mercedes Vision One Eleven Spacious Interior

The striking orange tint also appears inside the One-Eleven, with the brightly colored leather—which Mercedes claims was tanned using the seeds of coffee beans husks—contrasting with the white dashboard material, which is composed of recovered polyester.

That dashboard is simple, with a full-width LED pixel display that resembles old-school news tickers and displays crucial information such as speed. It also displays QR codes that lead to digital art pieces, which subsequently appear on the touchscreen; don’t ask us why.

The shining silver seats are reminiscent of old astronaut suits, and brushed aluminum accents the dials and switches, as well as the accelerator and stop pedals.The leather-wrapped steering wheel has a distinctive rectangle form, with a small touchscreen protruding from the steering column and oriented toward the driver.

Mercedes additionally recommended an augmented reality headgear that transforms the entire interior into a user interface complete with 3D controls, icons, and navigation maps. The AR technology will also render the One-Eleven’s A-pillars and hood translucent, improving outward visibility.

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Mercedes Vision One Eleven : Battery Details

The battery is made up of “liquid-cooled cylindrical cells with a novel cell chemistry” that Mercedes says was inspired by Mercedes-AMG high-performance Powertrain, which is in charge of the power units in the company’s Formula 1 racers. While the Vision One-Eleven isn’t going into production, its sleek form could influence future Mercedes vehicles, and we expect the axial-flux motors to make their way into the brand’s EVs within the next several years.

What is the Mercedes Vision One Eleven’s top speed?

This powertrain produces up to 1,100 horsepower, allowing the Vision One-Eleven to reach speeds of more than 200 mph.